Nookid Resort looks forward to meeting her guests. Nookid speaks English and of course Thai and Isan. Dr. Busch, if present, speaks german and english.
The alternative vacation or stop off the normal tourist path. Experience Thailand in a completely different way. With us it is all about relaxing in the farmer landscape in the northeast of friendly Isan, located in the north-eastern part of Thailand. So what makes the Nookid Resort so special? For one thing, the low-priced living and of course the flowery environment, relaxing atmosphere and the absence of any city smog.
Courage to live on the countryside is no longer necessary since the tigers disappeared a long time ago. There is no pressure here, if you like the place you can stay as long as you want or you can also just pass by for the day. And if you don't like it you can leave any time without us getting angry!!